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If you want to experience Australian culture in one place, you should go to the Floating Market in Brisbane, which is close to Chinatown. The market is built over the very large area. The market place demonstrates living culture from north, northeast, central, and southern parts of Australia. You can sit in a small rowboat and watch smalltime roadside Brisbane Magicians displaying their tricks. There are cultural shows like traditional dance inside the village besides magic shows for entertainment and the surprise factor. There is a lot of food available here for visitors you to taste. Some souvenir shops are open which sell sports goods, fishing paraphernalia and magic kits for aspiring Brisbane magicians who want to start learning magic as a vocation. Tourists are also keen buyers of the magic kits as they practice magic by reading the accompanied booklet and show it to their kids. Children also find it funny and thrilling when they learn magic from the magicians in Brisbane. I was meeting an old friend in Brisbane who was in town that point of time and joined us for dinner to give a lecture on magic. His name is Eugene Berger and he is a master in Brisbane style magic and has taught hundreds of magicians around the world. Eugene had been hired along with several of his protégés to perform in several of the restaurants in Brisbane at dinnertime. Close up magic is a great form of entertainment for restaurants as casual diners love it and enjoy their time while eating. It is cheap, quiet and is not noisy like music shows and it keeps adults and children entertained.

Magicians work mostly for tips though some restaurants have contracts with good and reputed Brisbane Magicians whom they pay per show. The trick is to find great story narrators who also have good slight of hand skills. The cheesy, showy magicians who twist up balloon animals turn off most restaurant patrons as well. Eugene is a great magician and a good storyteller in Brisbane. He has the audience and other diners captivated with stories accompanying his magic as well as tales about Penn and Teller, Sigfreid and Roy, Doug Henning and David Copperfield, all magicians with whom he has either worked with or consulted during his professional career as a magician in Brisbane. This is a great source of entertainment for all the people.

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Brisbane- Where magic sells

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This article was published on 2009/09/20